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it just really sucks when someone is your number one and you’re their number 26

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I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

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Already answered them all :)

eh, why not all of the band blog questions? C:

Thank Love c; 

  • 1:If you were a tv producer and you had to choose 5 band members to live together for a reality show, who would you choose?

Billie Joe Armstrong, M. Shadows, Ivan Moody, Josh Dun, Gerard Way.

  • 2:If you had to get lyrics tattooed on your body, which lyrics would they be?

Stay Alive For Me

  • 3:Older music or newer music?

Older as in 2006 and before? THEN YES. GREEN DAY ALL DAY

  • 4:What would you do if you worked at a restaurant and your favorite band showed up?

I’d be in shock and be so happy

  • 5:Have you ever written a letter or given a gift to a band member?

I’ve tried :/ never worked out though

  • 6:What 3 songs make you ridiculously happy?

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons, Trashed and Scattered - Avenged Sevenfold, Coconut Sharks In The Water - Twenty One Pilots 

  • 7:If you were in a band, what instrument would you play?

Guitar, Singing

  • 8:Favorite band member of all time?

Billie Joe Armstrong

  • 9:Have you ever gotten a tweet from your favorite band?

No :(

  • 10:How do you feel about mosh pits?

I don’t care for them, but hey, go ahead if you wanna

  • 11:Have you met your favorite band yet?

Well, haven’t met green day, but I know josh because he wont to my school :D

  • 12:Name three bands you can’t stand other than Blood On the Dancefloor or Brokencyde

You took one….

Sleeping With Sirens

Of Mice and Men

Bring Me The Horizon

  • 13:Did you go through an embarrassing scene or emo phase?

Still going through emo phase :D

  • 14:How do you feel about bands that never change their sound?

If its a good sound, i don’t care

  • 15:How do you feel about bands who have gone in a completely different direction with their sound?

A7X… And its good

  • 16:have you ever had a bad concert experience?


  • 17:Mark Hoppus or Pete Wentz?

Pete Wentz

  • 18:How many songs do you have on your ipod/phone/whatever right now?

805. Only 1/3 the way there

  • 19:What was the first song from your favorite band that you’ve ever heard?

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) - Green Day

  • 20:Have you ever been stereotyped because of the type of music you listen to?


  • 21:Have you ever lost respect for a band member/band for somethign they said or did?


  • 22:Would you rather be a roadie or a band member?

Band Member

  • 23:Have you ever listened to a few seconds of a song and just thought “fuck no.” and turned it off?

BOTDF all the time

  • 24:Are you good at songwriting?

I think i am

  • 25:Guitar or Bass?

Guitar, but bass is cool


Thanks :D


when people are like “oh they’re just doing it for attention” like okay what is so wrong with attention everyone needs to be validated and wants to feel like people know of their existence like that makes me mad

Weird Band Blog Questions


Twenty One Pilots | Bunbury Music Festival | Cincinnati, OH | July 13, 2013

HAH You’re Not Josh Dun



Got my nose pierced again


Got my nose pierced again